Cases wherein poor medical treatment or mistaken diagnosis contributes to harm or injury from a medical provider.


Cases wherein an injury or loss to a buyer, user or consumer is caused as a result of exposure to toxins or chemicals.

Examples of this type of case: auto accident; premises liability such as slip and falls, physical assault, sexual assault, high-stacking injuries; aviation and admiralty/maritime domains, water accidents, sports injuries, dog bites, toxic mold and liquor liability cases.

Cases related to the protection of natural resources, regulation of businesses that impact those resources or those wherein injury may have been caused by environmental regulation violations.

Cases related to senior legal matters and tough elder law issues including nursing home abuse, negligence, elopement, falls, pressure ulcers, malnutrition, sepsis, aspiration pneumonia, vulnerable adult, etc.


Cases wherein a seller’s or manufacturer’s legal liability to compensate buyers or users for damages suffered because of defects in goods purchased from the manufacturer.


Workers’ Compensation and workplace injury cases in which an employee becomes injured or disabled on the job.